Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your shop?

Sorry, we do not have a shop at present. Busy Hands comes to you or you can also have a 'takeaway' from us. We occasionally run open sessions around the Lincoln area, these will be listed on the Events page.

Can we have a takeaway and paint at our leisure at home?

Yes, Busy Hands do takeaways. Minimum spend for a takeaway is £50 (before takeaway discount is applied). We box up everything you need to paint at home and you collect from us in Branston, near Lincoln. You then return all of your painted pots and equipment to us and we will glaze and fire them ready for you to collect in approx. 2 weeks time. You also benefit from a 10% discount from the list price when you have a takeaway. A £20 deposit is required for the loan of the equipment which is refunded when the equipment is returned undamaged and washed, ready for its next use. 

How long will my child's Birthday Party take?

Definitely the most frequently asked question! It depends on the age of the children, location and the item being painted.

Children under 5. To be honest, it could be over quite quickly! However we have ways of prolonging the session. Please contact us to discuss the various options for this age group. We will find a way to make the party fit your needs.

Children aged between 5-7 vary greatly. You would be lucky to keep them painting for 30mins. The key is keeping them all painting as once one finishes, then they all will. We have ways of keeping them going for as long as possible. Plates are a great idea for this age range as they are reasonably flat with  plenty  of painting space both sides. The surroundings make a difference too. For example if in a village hall then they are more likely to want to enjoy the space and run around! Have a couple of games planned just in case you have some time to fill.

Children aged from 8 upwards still vary greatly but will paint for approx 45-60+ mins depending on the item to be painted. They will also cope better with something like a trinket box as this is more like having 2 items to paint.

What is the best age to have a party?

There is no ‘best age’, just different results. We will help you to get the best results for your age group.

Do boys like pottery painting?

Yes, definitely. They can often be the ones, given the right design, who will be last at the table.

How long do you need to set up?

On average 30 minutes is enough depending on location and numbers.

What do you require from me, the host?

Tables, chairs and a water supply, although we have been known to not use chairs. However the more comfortable the painter i.e. on a chair, the longer they will paint.

Do you provide invitations?

Yes we do. Click here to download and print.

How much does a party cost?

Please see the details here.

How long will you be with us for?

For most children's parties we would be at the venue for approx 2hrs. 30mins to set up, up to 60mins painting, 30mins clear up. Please bear in mind that if you are providing food for the children and this is to be eaten using the painting table, then you will need allow time for us to clear all the pottery away and re-set the table.

For a hand and footprint session this can vary greatly but 4hrs is normally more than enough. After this time there is an additional charge.


When will our pots be ready to collect?

Your pots will normally be ready to collect from us in Branston about 2 weeks after the party. This may vary at peak times.

Can I have a group of friends round to my house for a hand and footprint painting session?

Yes. Usual minimum spend details apply for up to a 4 hr session, after this time there is an additional charge for our time. Pots are to be collected approx 2 weeks after the painting session from us in Branston. This may vary at peak times. See full details here.

Can you visit our Toddler Group?

Yes we can, see here for details.

Can you visit our Nursery?

Yes we can, see here for details.

Can you visit our club, group or school?

Yes we can, see here for details.

Do you sell finished ware?

We are currently working on developing products which will be available on our finished ware site in 2017.

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